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   100% Organic Kush Hemp Flower grown in Washington State

   Naturally grown flower contains 12-16% CBD.

   Less than 0.3% THC

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AromaHemp joints

Pre-rolled joints made of 100% flower. Enjoy in either 0.5g or 1g sizes

0.5g MSRP $5.95 
1g MSPR $8.95

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AromaHemp Jars

Hand-trimmed flower ready for you to smoke or use to replace cannabis in edible recipe.  Available in 1/8 oz. (3.5g) jars & 1/4 oz. (7g)

1/8 oz. MSRP $17.95
1/4 oz. MSRP $27.95
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AromaHemp Roll Your Own

For those of you who prefer to roll your own, we've got pre-ground 100% flower (no shake, stems or seeds). Comes with its own pack of rolling papers.

1 oz Pouch MSRP $59.95

Coming Soon!

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